At The Shack night on 2nd December 2023 one of our most dedicated members Susie Benson took the mic to propose to the audience setting up a fund to support the organisers Rhonda Mawer and Paul Robertson of The Shack due to the recent out of pocket expenses that had been requested from council for the running of the Northern Beaches Music Festival at the Tramshed and Community Arts Centre and Berry Reserve, Narrabeen on the 4th and 5th November, 2023. 

As the Festival plus The Shack are not-for-profit organisations the owners Rhonda Mawer and Paul Robertson had been hit financially hard by council through a lack of support, understanding and unfortunate situations, which lead to them dipping into their own pockets to make ends meet and pay the performers, who were all amazing and took a 15% cut in their payments. 

Due to the continuing financial burden of ongoing invoicing directed at them by council and the stress it entailed, Rhonda and Paul were considering cancelling the annual Northern Beaches Music Festival, which has been running successfully since 2011, apart from 2 years throughout the Covid epidemic. However, coming out of Covid live music attendances have fallen dramatically, particularly this year and most Shack nights to assist in paying the musicians Rhonda and Paul continued to subsidise the out-of-pocket expenses. 

Susie and her partner Lindsay on the night submitted their donations, which was extremely generous and humbly accepted. 

Please see bank details if you would like to donate to support live music to continue at The Shack and The Northern Beaches Music Festival.

Shack Folk Inc 

Westpac: BSB 032 098 

Account No: 272448 

Heartfelt thanks to Suzie and all our monthly regulars for turning up for each show plus assisting in packing up the tables, chairs and basic cleaning up of the hall after each evening. You don't realise how grateful we are for your acts of kindness.