About The SHACK

The Shack presents a concert on the first Saturday of every month.  It is one of Sydney's live music gems, providing an entertaining and diverse range of modern and traditional, quality acoustic music in a comfortable candle-lit atmosphere.   

Due to council renovations in 2020 at the Lakeview Hall, Narrabeen Tramshed, our performances are now held at the Ted Blackwood Hall, Cnr Jackson and Boondah Streets, Warriewood NSW 2101 which we now call this home. 

Originally a folk club in the 1960′s, and then again in the 80′s, the Shack was revived in 2006 by Trevor and Kathleen Swadling, Rhonda Mawer and Paul Robertson to the great delight of Musicians and Lovers alike.  It started the trend which now continues to grow around the Northern Beaches of Sydney and beyond, of creating a space where enjoyment of the music is paramount, where musicians of all descriptions are rewarded for their gifts, and where people can meet safe and warm, bring their own refreshments, and be a part of performances intimate and true.

The Shack is a non-profit organisation. All proceeds go toward the promotion and presentation of original, contemporary and traditional 21st century folk music.

How the world was
In the 1960s, the world was very different on the northern beaches.  The original Shack thrived in Narrabeen during the sixties and early seventies. After its initial residence in an old ambulance shed in the Narrabeen Camping area it eventually moved to a permanent residence in a shop in Narrabeen where it presented folk music three nights a week and saw many a well-known performer, some of whom have made their careers in music. Some of its well-known acts were the likes of Jeannie Lewis, Margaret Roadknight, Greg Quill and Country Radio legend Bob Hudson, The Stovepipe Spasm Band, Al Head and New York Public Library.

How the word is shaping up
Technology is redefining the music experience but nothing can replace a live performance from dedicated artists.  Each month audiences are delighted by the variety of acoustic acts presented. Musicians love to play at The Shack and it is often difficult to accommodate the number of those who want to play.   

The spirit and aims of The Shack lives on through the decades.     



The Shack's Mission is to

“Present and promote traditional, contemporary and original 21st Century folk music”

Membership in The Shack entitles you to:

• Discounts on Shack concerts

• An opportunity to support 21st century folk music

• Help us to keep The Shack running

• Have a say in how The Shack is run

Annual membership levy is $30.


For further information call 0413 635 856

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