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Mutual Acquaintances



At the Ted Blackwood Hall,
Cnr Jackson Rd and Boondah Rd, Warriewood


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Numbers are limited as per council requirements; please wear a mask to the venue and keep it on until you are seated.  BYO drinks and nibbles and remember to bring everything you will want - cutlery, cups, etc as we won't be able to supply coffee/tea/biscuits as we have done before.   

Tickets $25
Members $20



Ian Barker, Brett Guyer, Lucas Critchley and Michael Spencer

Ian Barker, Brett Guyer, Lucas Critchley and Michael Spencer




The Mutual Acquaintances are a four-piece band with Uillean Pipes, Accordian, Tin Whistles, Guitars, Bass and Percussion, as well as voices. With Irish, Scottish, and Australian traditional folk, as well as contemporary folk music by the band, The Mutuals present a bunch of jigs, reels, ballads and songs that tell stories old and new. Have a listen here.


A passion for South American spirit and rhythms brought the three members of the Strangelove together to form a unique configuration of strings: Para-Celtic harp (Cliona Molins), ukulele (Wendy Twibill) and acoustic bass (Pierre Luniere) topped with spine-chilling harmonies. Cliona (ex Folklore) builds on her rich knowledge of Irish music and incorporates Latin rhythms (with mentoring by the likes of Victor Valdes).  Wendy (ex Café of the Gates of Salvation) brings exquisite singing and harmony-arranging plus she has reinvented the use of the ukulele in the vein of Venezuelan cuatro and vihuela mexicana. The trio’s contagious party rhythms, energy, and groove is embodied by Pierre (original cast Jesus Christ Superstar), who has recorded with an illustrious line-up including Johnny O’Keeffe, Wayne Gillespie, Lindsay Bjere (Tamam Shud and Punk Pop band A Portable Beach), and Jazz harmonica master Christian Marsh. As well as provocative originals Strangelove pulls in traditional Irish, Venezuelan and Mexican repertoires, reinterpreted with Jazz, Roots and Blues rhythms. They cover songs from Eddie Vedder (Rise), Tom Waits (Chocolate Jesus), Simon Diaz/Ry Cooder (Caballo Viejo) & Eric Bib. Have a listen here.


Wendy Twibill, Cliona Molins and Pierre Luniere

Wendy Twibill, Cliona Molins and Pierre Luniere




Cassidy-Rae is a Sydney based singer-songwriter who wraps her beautiful vocals around party anthems to heartfelt ballads and beyond.  Her work has been well received at home, and overseas.  She has an infectious energy and enthusiasm  and can add the experience of international cruise-ship (remember a world with cruises!) audiences since she last performed at The Shack.  Since Covid, Cassidy-Rae has been streaming weekly to her global following spreading good vibes & good tunes.  She has recently released a new single “Ton Of Bricks” which has been featured on commercial & community radio nationally and internationally, and she describes the  as "the jam to stream when you're in a kick-ass mood.  A very original blend of country and pop music, it’s the words you wish you could say and the extent you’ll go, to protect the hearts of the people you care about."  Have a listen to Cassidy-Rae here 

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