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The Green Mohair Suits

Luke Escombe

Bad Kitty and the Alley Cats

At the Ted Blackwood Hall,
Cnr Jackson Rd and Boondah Rd, Warriewood


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Having started as a way to hang out, enjoy a few drinks and stretch their obvious skills at smaller unrehearsed gigs, things have snowballed thanks to a reputation for inspired showmanship and performances as brash as they’re emotive. This is a quartet of expressive songwriters that take their four-part harmonising as seriously as they take their dedication to a drunken good time. The Green Mohair Suits -Brian Campeau, Richie Cuthbert (Cuthbert & The Nightwalkers), Jason Mannell and Ben Romalis have no choice but to shift what began as a side project up several gears. Their inspired musicianship has seen them compile a collection of quality original tunes creating a solid mix of heartbreak and hangover, humour and humility. Occupying a broad musical landscape between influences like Beck, Fleet Foxes, Hank Williams, Tom Waits, Portishead & Gram Parsons, Campeau labels their music “Garage-grass”.


John Shand of the Sydney Morning Herald said "Luke Escombe is funny and brave, a showman and an artist, a brilliantly engaging lyricist, expert tunesmith, fine guitarist and exceptional singer. Seldom is such sophistication wrapped in a coating of such overt fun. Hear him."

Luke is an award-winning singer-songwriter, comedian and speaker who has turned his twenty five years of living with chronic illness into inspiration for his art. He is the creator of "Chronic", a one-man comedy show about living with Crohn's Disease, and The Vegetable Plot, a nationally-touring children's band. Luke is also the exceedingly humble owner of "Sydney's sexiest man voice", an accolade he won in a phone-in poll on a popular radio station (though he doesn't like to mention this unless absolutely necessary...)


 This Sydney  based  trio  is  a  band  that  is  willing  to  embrace and  provide  intimacy,  connection  and  joy  to  their  audience,  whether  via  their original  songs  or  intriguing  arrangements  of  familiar  covers.   They  relish  playing  soft,  subtle  ballads,  blues  and  soul  that  resonate  with  the heart,  but  are  just  as  comfortable  pounding  out  funky  rhythms,  country  twang, bluegrass  or  folk,  with  a  little  bit  of  pop  thrown  in  for  good  measure.  Think  acoustic  Americana  come  jazzy  folk.   This  is  music  that  insists  you  not  only  tap  your  foot,  or  sway  your  hips,  but  surrender to  total  immersion.  The  band’s  art  is  to  redefine  the  huge  back-catalogue  of  their combined  and  extremely  diverse  musical  tastes  by  designing  unique  and  exciting arrangements  of  covers  and  originals.

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