Saturday, 6th July, 2019
7:30 - late

the Shack presents ~~



G I Jane

G I JANE is an all women’s originals group.  Playing an eclectic mix of blues, rock, pop and folk. With a message to share and a good sense of humor, G I JANE’s musical variety keeps audiences entertained and wanting more! 

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The Merrivales


Wendy and Ray met while playing in acoustic groups in Sydney. They soon found that they shared a liking for well-crafted songs that had interesting and musically pleasing arrangements. They formed The Merrivales and now play in music venues around Sydney and surrounds. Together they create  a rich blend of harmonies from Ray’s voice and fingerstyle guitar, blended with Wendy’s exquisite violin playing of alternative melodies and music counterpoints.

They are joined by Steve who expertly plays a wide variety of musical styles on keyboards, Nick, whose musical mastery is demonstrated on bass, flute and bouzouki and Kari who adds the finishing touches with her delightful voice and uke strumming.

Familiar rock, pop and folk songs are adapted to The Merrivales’ unique musical style, and are mixed with their own contemporary and original compositions, offering a wide musical range with broad appeal.


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Gilbert Whyte

Gilbert Whyte is an acoustic performer who frequently plays as a soloist around the Perth/Fremantle area. He is a songwriter/fingerstyle guitar player and also covers traditional folk ballads. ‘The great thing about playing is that you can say things using words, notes, time and feel, which are often too difficuilt to say using only words. And then on the other hand, you can say something really simple and the music will show that it's actually profound. This is what i like about playing.’

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For more information, or for tickets, call Rhonda on 0413 635 856, email Jen on, or use the website 'contact us' page.

7:30 - late
The Narrabeen TRAMSHED
Lakeview Hall
1395a Pittwater Rd
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